The 1994 edition of the exhaustive catalogue by Marie Berhaut lists 565 items painted by Gustave Caillebotte, but we have only listed here the paintings and pastels for which color photographs are available - 347 to date - allowing for a more interesting appreciation of his works. Updates will be carried out as our researches will allow.


The dates stated in the books about Caillebotte are frequently approximate and may in fact be very different. In such cases, we have tried to determine a  plausible date after considering the subject and the style of each painting.


As for the question of authenticity, the Barhaut catalogue is the first and main source of documentation. But it has been in some cases challenged by recent researchers like Eric Darragon, Jean-Jacques Lévêque, Marie-Thérèse de Balanda or other art experts. Whenever a doubt has been raised (and without relying on the signature, which has in some cases been added after Caillebotte's death), we have mentioned in regard of the doubtful work the reference to this contester. 


All remarks and precisions that may be brought by our visitors are welcome and will carefully be considered for eventual corrections. We heartily thank them in advance.



List of the main books and magazines (in French) about Caillebotte that we studied  :

Catalogue raisonné de
Gustave Caillebotte
Marie Berhaut Bibliothèque des Arts, Paris 1978
Gustave Caillebotte Kirk Vernedoe Adam Biro, Paris 1988
Gustave Caillebotte Marie-Thérèse de Balanda Edita Editeurs, Lausanne 1988
Caillebotte, Dessins, Etudes, Peintures Pierre Wittmer Brame et Lorenceau, Paris 1989
Gustave Caillebotte Collectif Réunion des Musées Nationaux, Paris 1994
Caillebotte au Grand Palais Collectif Revue Connaissance des Arts (H.S.) 1994
 Caillebotte, le blues des grands boulevards Jérôme Coignard Beaux Arts Magazine (N° 126) 1994
Le mystère Caillebotte Daniel Charles Editions Glénat, Grenoble 1994
Caillebotte Eric Darragon Flammarion, Paris 1994
Gustave Caillebotte Jean-Jacques Lévêque ACR Editions, Paris 1994
ABCdaire de Caillebotte Collectif Flammarion, Paris 1994
Caillebotte, peintre et marin Collectif Revue Chasse-Marée (N° 116) 1998
Gustave Caillebotte, dessins et pastels Collectif Brame et Lorenceau, Paris 1998
Caillebotte au coeur de l'impressionnisme Collectif Bibliothèque des Arts
Fondation de l'Hermitage, Lausanne
Dans l'intimité des frères Caillebotte,
peintre et photographe
Collectif Revue Connaissance des Arts (H.S.) 2011


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